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Facts Trackdays



These elements differentiate us from our competitors:

  • Limited number of cars
  • Open pit lane all day, no down time due to in/out groups
  • Exclusive, fast cars only
  • Drive for two consecutive days
  • Once announced we make the event happen and will not cancel on you last minute due to low turn out
  • Advanced safety concept on every event
  • Professional support for your car (pro mechanics) and you as a driver (pro coaches)
  • Europe’s best race tracks



Track safety

Safety is paramount at kr-motorsports, no compromises! For each and every event we consult local Race Control and book a comprehensive safety package regardless of the number of participants, i.e, we typically have:


  • Ambulance with medical staff
  • Race Control with video surveillance
  • Full staffing with course marshals (please pay attention to the flag signals)
  • Safety car
  • Tow truck



Upon your request we can also organize the following for you:

  • Transport your race car to/from the track
  • Personal 1:1 coaching by one of our professional instructors. Try it out, it is an eye opener.
  • Rent a race car for a particular track day through one of our partner GT race teams
  • Help you with questions around buying/selling a race car



Code of conduct on the track

  • We are ambitious gentlemen drivers but not unguided missiles.
  • We adjust our speed to our skill level and leave a margin for error.
  • We frequently look into the rear view mirror and make way for faster cars.
  • We ideally use the indicator to signal where to overtake (left indicator = we keep left, right indicator = we keep right)
  • We pass other cars at appropriate sections of the track and refrain from squeezing in just before turns.
  • We drive carefully in the pit lane, no faster than 60km/h
  • We observe the flag signals of the course marshals



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See you soon & keep racing!

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